Genus: Haptodus GAUDRY, 1886

Species: baylei GAUDRY, 1886

Holotype: Museum d'histoire naturelle, Paris (SS 133299, 13330)

Locality: Les Telots, near Autun, Saone-et Loire Department, France.

Horizon: Upper Millery Formation.


Age: Autunian, Artinskian Stage, Rotligendes Epoch, Cisuralian, Early Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton.

Referred material:

13305-13310 (old S 578, 581-588, 597f, S. 306/SaP 441/D1), S 657, S 303a, D 2223, MNHN 1884-26-3, MNHN 1893-23, USNM 22099: Fragmentary skulls and fragmentary skeletons.

S 300a: Fragmentary skull.


= Sclerocephalus labyr (SS 13531 (old 264/SaP 445): gastralia, pelvis, complete foot.

SS 13535 (old S 58/SaP 455/3): Skull and cervical elements.

Ss 12978, 12979, SS 13614 (old S 669, 700 /(note 669)/SaP 456/D 5): Cervical to dorsal sequence on two slabs.

SS 12996/12997 (old S 656 & 657'SaP 454/ 18 & 20): Trunk, girdles, limbs adn palatine elements.

Ss 12989 (old S 651/ SaP 453/1): Skull, axial elements and shoulder.

SaP 338 (2/2221(?)): Dentary, ribs, ?clavicle.

SaP 340 (2203): Skull, shoulder, trunk and arm elements.

SaP 343 (222?): Caudal sequence and fragments.

SS 13014 (S 623/ SaP 435): Elemens of skull, shoulder and forelimb.

SS 13050, 13051 (S 633 & 634/ SaP 439): Elements of skull, truk, shoulder and forelimb.

SS 13298 (S 614/SaP 449): Nearly complete skeleton.

Ss 13302, SS 14150 (S 593/SaP 432): Trunk to hind limbs.

SS 13303, 13304 (S 594 & 659/SaP 434/% & 6): Lumbar to caudal region, pelvis and hind limb.

SS 13311, 13312 (s 615 & 616/ SaP 433): Sacrum to caudal base, pelvis, and hind limbs.

SS 13313 (S 652/ SaP 438/4): Trunk elemetns, shoulder girdle and forelimbs.

SS 13359 (S 591/SaP 447): Trunk elements and pelvis.

SS 13360 (S 592/ SaP 447/19): Trunk to forelimb.

SS 13358 (S 590/SaP 447): Ribs, gastralia, and fragments.



Species: grandis PATON, 1974

Holotype: GSM GZ 1071

Locality: Kenilworth, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Kenilworth Sandstone, probably Autunian.


Age: Early Permian.

Material: Fragmentary left maxilla.

Species: garnettensis CURRIE, 1977
Etymology: In reference to the Garnett locality, Anderson County, Kansas.

Holotype: Repath museum, McGill University, RM 14,156

Locality: Garnett locality, Charles A. Hardsty farm, NW 1/4, NE 1/4 sec. 5, T20S, R19E, Putnam Township, northwest of Garnett, Anderson County, Kansas.

Horizon: Rock Lake Shale Member of the Stanton Formation, Lansing Group, Missourian Series, Pennsylvanian System.


Age: Late Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous).

Material: Partially articulated skeleton.


RM 14,157: Partial skull.

RM 14, 158: Front portion of lower jaw.

RM 14,159: Femur, tibia, fibula and tarsus.

RM 14,162: Quadrate process of pterygoid.

RM 14,223: Ischium and neural arch.

Referred material:

LAURIN, 1993

ROM 30099: An incomplete skeleton.

ROM 29937: Incomplete skeleton.

ROM 29872: Incomplete skeleton.

ROM 20099: Left lower jaw.

ROM 43601: Left mandibular ramus, right dentary, quadratojual.

ROM 43602: Skull, mandible and a few caudal vertebrae with haemal arches.

ROM 43603: Right hind-limb and pelvic girdle and incompletely preserved left femur.

ROM 43604: Distarticulated skeleton including a few cranial elements.

ROM 43605: Left scapulaocoroacid.

ROM 43606: Skull lacking braincase.

ROM 43607: Articulated string post-cervical vertebrae and ribs.

ROM 43608: Maxilla and lachrymal.



Locality: NW 1/4 SW 1/4 sec. 5, T20S, R19E, Putnam Township, Anderson County, Kansas.

Horizon: Rock Lake Shale Member, Santon Formation, Lansing Group.


Age: Missourian Series, Late Pennsylvanian.


Number: Not given: Partial skeleton.