Genus: Ianthodon KISSEL, & REISZ, 2004
Etymology: Ianth refers to the Iantha River, Anderson County, Kansas, 1 km northwest of the type locality, and Greek, odon, "tooth"; emphasizing the unique nature of the dentation of this form.

Species: schultzei KISSEL, & REISZ, 2004
Etymology: In  honor of Dr. Hans-Peter Schultze.

Holotype: KUVP 133735

Locality: NW 1/4 SW 1/4 sec. 5, T20S, R19E, Putnam Township, Anderson County, Kansas.

Horizon: Rock Lake Shale Member, Santon Formation, Lansing Group.


Age: Missourian Series, Late Pennsylvanian.

Material: A nearly complete skull roof, partially disarticulated on a single block.

Referred material:

KUVP 133736: An isolated left maxilla.