Genus: Milosaurus DEMAR, 1970

Species: mccordi DEMAR, 1970

Holotype: FM OR 701

Locality: Found on the property of Mr. Milo Flynn and Mr. Chester McCord, SW 1/4, Sec. 15, T7N, R10E, Jasper County, Illinois.

Horizon: Mottoon Formation.


Age: Late Pennsylvanian.

Material: An articulated partial skeleton including the pelvis, hind limb and pes, and many caudal vertebrae.

Referred material:

FM PR 704: A lumbar vertebra.

FM PR 705: A lumbar of dorsal neural spine.

FM PR 703: A presacral rib.

FM PR 702: A small portion of the maxillary region including 2 teeth.