Genus: Oedaleops LANGSTON, 1965

Species: campi LANGSTON, 1965

Holotype: UCMP 35758

Locality: UCMP Locality V-2814 (the Camp Quarry), on the southeast slope of a small butte, 410 yards south of New Mexico State Highway 96, about 940 yards southeast of the Rio Puerco bridge at Arroyo del Agua, Section 8, T22N, R3E, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico.

Horizon: Abo/Cutler Formation.


Age: Wolfcampian, Lower Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: A slightly distorted skull, lacking palatal bones, braincase and some facial elements of the left side.

Referred material:

UCMP 40094: Right frontal, left jugal, left maxilla, interclavicle, right scapulocoracoid, right humerus, left and right pubis, right femur.

UCMP 40095: 2 fragmentary maxilla, pterygoid, left and right dentary, clavicle,

UCMP 40096: Right nasal, right ulna.

UCMP 40097: Right scapulocoracoid.

UCMP 40281: Fragmentary skull.

UCMP 40282: Right scapulocoracoid.

UCMP 40283: Right humerus.

UCMP 40284: Right femur.

UCMP 67222: Right maxill, right dentary.

UCMP 67223, 67224: Fragmentary maxillae.

UCMP 67246: Right ilium.

UCMP 67247: Neural arch.

UCMP 67248: Right scapulocoracoid.

UCMP 67225 and UCMP 40095: Several isolated dentary bones prepared in shallow relief in large blocks of rock containing other specimens.

UCMP 69679: Right nasal, left nasal, left and right frontal, left and right prefrontal, right postorbital..

Other bones not catalogued: Several scapulocoracoids, and femoria.