Genus: Pyozia ANDERSON & REISZ, 2004
Etymology: In reference to the Pyoza River site of the discovery locality, Arkhangel'sk Region, European Russia, feminine.

Species: mesenensis ANDERSON & REISZ, 2004 (Type)
Etymology: In acknowledge the importance of the fossils from the Mesen River Basin, Arkhangel'sk Region, European Russia.

Holotype: PIN 3717/33

Locality: Ust’-Nyafta settlement, right tributary of Mezen' River, Peza River, Arkhangel'sk Region, European Russia.

Horizon: Leshukonsk Member, Krasnoschelsk Formation, Biarmian Series, Upper Kimzha beds, Urzhumian Stage, Upper Urzhumian Horizon.

Biostratigraphy: Mezen Faunal Assemblage.

Age: Lower Tatarian Age, Capitanian Stage, Upper Guadelupian Stage, Middle Zechstein Epoch, Late Middle Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skull and cervical vertebrae.