Genus: Ruthenosaurus REISZ, MADDIN, FRÖBISCH & FALCONNET, 2011
Etymology: After the name of a Gallic regional tribe, Ruthenie, and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: russellorum REISZ, MADDIN, FRÖBISCH & FALCONNET, 2011
Etymology: In honor of Drs. D. Sigogneau-Russell, and D. Russell, the orignial collectors of the holotype.

Holotype: MNHN.F.MCL-1

Locality: 1 km east to the village of Saint-Christophe-Vallon, town of Valady, Aveyron Department, Southern France.

Horizon: Upper part of the red pelitic beds of the M2 member, Gres Rouge Group of the Rodez Basin, "Saxo-Thurigian".


Age: Upper Sakmarian to Lower Lopingian, Lower Rotliegendes Epoch, Middle Early-Early Late Permian.

Material: A partial postcranial skeleton, incomplete vertebral column with ribs and vertebrae of 18 presacrals, 3 sacrals, and 12 anterior caudals, partial scapulocoracoids, dorsal portion of left scapular blade complete, but not its anterior extent, left coracoid fragment present, posterior edge of right scapular blade, right glenoid region, posterior coracoid nearly complete, fragment of right anterior coracoid, posterior portion of the interclavicle, right humerus badly crushed and damaged, proximal head incomplete, left humerus in two pieces, shaft damaged, but both proximal and distal heads well preserved, complete left ulna, and nearly complete left radius, complete right femur, complete right tibia, and proximal portion of right fibula, complete right pelvis overlain by vertebral column, right pubis and median one-third of right ischium.