Genus: Ruthiromia EBERTH & BRINKMAN, 1983

Species: elcobriensis EBERTH & BRINKMAN, 1983

Holotype: MCZ 3150

Locality: Fluvial Redbeds in the west wall of El Cobre Canyon, north of Abiquiu, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico.

Horizon: Cutler Formation.


Age: Virgilian, Gzelian Epoch, Late Pennsylvanian.

Material: Occipital fragment including supraoccipital and opisthotic, a left quadrate fragment in articulation with a partial quadraojugal and squamosal, the posterior portion of the left mandible, the atlas
centrum and axis intercentrum, a cervical rib, 4 disarticulated dorsal vertebrae, 1 disarticulated neural arch, 1 partial neural spine, articulated posterior axial elements including the last 7 presacral vertebrae, 2 sacral vertebrae and 5 caudal vertebrae, right and left pelvic girdle including pubis, ischium and a partial ilium, a right humerus, a right femur, a left proximal femur, a right tibia, fibula, tarsus and pes.