Genus: Watongia OLSON, 1974

Species: meieri OLSON, 1974

Holotype: UCMP 143278 (old UCLA VP 3132)

Locality: BC 7, NW 1/4, NE 1/4, Sec. 33, T18N, R11E, Blaine County, Oklahoma.

Horizon: Chickasha Formation.


Age: Guadalupian subepoch, Lower Zechstein Epoch, Early Late Permian.

Material: Part of the frontal-parietal region of the skull, including the dorsal part of the orbital margin and fragments of the maxilla with teeth in place, 3 anterior dorsal vertebra with fragments of others, left scapula and part of right, left clavicle, part of left cleithrum and part of interclavicle, several ribs and numerous gastralia, right and left limbs with carpus and partial complement of phalanges.