Genus: Gualosuchus ROMER, 1971

Species: reigi ROMER, 1971

Holotype: La Plata Museum 1964-XI-14-13

Locality: From the valley of the north fork of the Chanares River, about 5 miles east of the point where this stream debounces into the Talampaya plain, La Rioja Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Los Chanares Formation.


Age: Ladinian Stage, Upper Mid Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Skull and dentary missing the anterior end, scapulocoracoid, femur, parts of two tibiae, and a few bones of the pes.

Referred material:

ARUCCI, 1989

PVL 4576: Pubis, ischium, femur, tibia and fibula.