Genus: Qianosuchus LI, WU, CHENG, SATO & WANG, 2006
Etymology: 'Qian", Chinese abbreviation of Guizhou Province, and Greek, suchos, 'crocodile'.

Species: mixtus LI, WU, CHENG, SATO & WANG, 2006
Etymology: The specific name is referred to the combination of aquatic and terrestrial features in the archosaurian.

Holotype: IVPP V 12899

Locality: Xinmin, Panxian County, Guizhou Province, Southern China.

Horizon: Upper Member, Guanlin Formation.


Age: Anisian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: Skull with distal part of forelimbs and posterior end of tail missing.

Paratype: IVPP V14300: Nearly complete skull and mandible and incomplete skeleton.

Referred material:

NMNS 000408/F003877: Incomplete skull.