Genus: Rileyasuchus KUHN, 1961 (nomen dubium)
= Rileya Huene, 1902 non HOWARD, 1888
= Rileyia Huene, 1902 (sic)
= Rylea MEHL, 1915 (sic)

Species: bristolensis (HUENE, 1902) KUHN, 1961
= Rileya bristolensis HUENE, 1902 (nomen dubium)

Lectotype: BRSMG/BCM Ca7461/95, 96

Locality: Fissure fill in Quarry Steps Quarry off Upper Belgrave Road in Clifton, Bristol, ST 572747, Bristol County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Old Locality: Quarry in the Magnesian Conglomerate at Redland, the southeastern extremity of Durdham Downs, near Bristol, gloucestershire County, England, Southern United Kingdom.



Age: Rhaetian Stage, Latest Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Left humerus on slab split into two parts.

Referred material:

= Rileya stutchburyi HUENE, 1920 (nomen dubium)
= Rileya stutchburi HUENE, 1920 (nomen dubium) (sic)
Note: HUENE gave the above name to the same specimen as the lectotype (GALTON, 2008/2007)