Genus: Angustinaripterus HE, YAN & SU, 1983
Etymology: Latin, angustus, "narrow," Latin, naris, "nostril" and Greek, pteron, "wing."
= Angustinarhipterus DONG, 1987 (sic)

Species: longicephalus HE, YAN, & SU, 1983
Etymology: Latin, longus, "long" and Greek, kephale, "head."

Holotype: ZDM 8001 (provincial excavation team no. T8001)

Locality: Dashanpu (Dashnapu Dinosaur Quarry), lat. 29°5’N, long. 104°50’E, situated 11 km east of Zigong City, 250 km south of Chengdu, Hechuan County, Sichuan Basin, Sichuan (Szechwan) Province, China.

Horizon: Xaishaximiao (Shaximiao) Formation.


Age: Bathonian-Callovian Stage (DONG & TANG, 1984), Middle-Upper Dogger Epoch, Middle Jurassic.
Note: Bajocian (CHEN et al. 1982), Lower Middle Dogger Epoch, Middle Jurassic.

Material: Skull missing posterior portion and dentary missing anterior tip.