Genus: Aralazhdarcho AVERIANOV, 2007
Etymology: From the Aral Sea and the genus Azhdarcho Nesov, 1984.

Species: bostobensis AVERIANOV, 2007
Etymology: In reference to the Bostobe Formation.

Holotype: ZIN PH. no. 9/43

Locality: Shakh-Shakh locality, 90 km northeast of the Dzhusaly Station, Kyzylorda Region, Kazakhstan.

Horizon: Bostobe Formation.


Age: Santonian or Lower Campanian Stage, Senonian Stage, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Anterior fragment of cervical vertebra 5-6.

Referred material:

TsNIGR Museum, no. 41/11915: Jugal.

ZIN PH. no. 16/43: Proximal end of left phalanx 2 of the fourth (wing) digit.

ZIN PH. no. 37/43: Edentulous jaw fragment.

ZIN PH. no. 43/43: Proximal end of the left femur, with the neck and head broken off.

ZIN PH. no. 44/43: Atlas-axis centrum.

ZIN PH. no. 45/43: Distal fragment of the scapula.

ZIN PH. no. 46/43: Posterior dorsal vertebral centrum.

A) Dorsal; B) Lateral; C) Ventral; D) Posterior view of ZINPH no. 44/43, posterior fragment of atlas-axis centrum; E) Lateral; F) Medial viewo of TsNIGR 41/11915, Fragmentary right jugal; G) Laterial; H) Ventral; I) Anterior; J) Lateral views of ZIN PH no. 46/43, centrum of posterior dorsal vertebra; K) Distal; L) Dorsal views of ZIN PH no. 45/43, distal fragment of the scapula; M) Proximal; N) Posterior; O) Ventral; P) Anterior; Q) Dorsal views of ZIN PH no. 43/43, Proximal fragment of left femur; R) Proximal; S) Ventral; T) Dorsal views of ZIN PH no. 16/43, Proximal fragment of left phalanx 2 of wing digit 4.