Genus: Araripedactylus WELLNHOFER, 1977
Etymology: In reference to the Araripe Basin/Plateau, and Greek, daktylos, “finger”

Species: dehmi WELLNHOFER, 1977
Etymology: In honor of the German paleontologist Richard Dehm, a professor at the Munich institute that originally acquired the specimen in 1975.

Holotype: BSPHGM Nr. 1975 I 166

Locality: Chapade do Araripe, Ceara State, Northeastern Brazil.

Horizon: Romualdo Member, Santana Formation, Araripe Group.


Age: Late Aptian or Early Albian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Proximal end of wing phalange.