Genus: Beipiaopterus LU, 2003
Etymology: Beipiao refers to the Beipiao City of western Liaoning Province, a famous locality with excellent fossils, including insects, plants, amphibians, feathered dinosaurs, birds and mammals, and Greek, pteron, "wing."

Species: chenianus LU, 2003
Etymology: In honor of Professor Peiji Chen, a distinguished paleontologist who has made great contributions to the study of Jehol Biota.
= Pterosaur gen sp indet LU & WANG, 2001, LU, 2002

Holotype: BPM 0002 (SMU 75565)

Locality: Hengadazi, Tanshan Gou, near Sihetun in Beipiao City, Liaoning Province, China.

Horizon: Jiangshangou Member, Yixian Formation, Jehol Group.


Age: Barremain Stage, Lower Gallic Subepoch, Lower Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: 4 cervical, 14 dorsal vertebrae, 20 dorsal ribs from both sides, 3 sacral vertebrae, 9 smal caudal vertebrae, a nearly complete left forelimb, a distal part of the right leg, and a nearly complete left leg. wing membranes.

Note: soft tissue is preserved as integumentary derivatives in the neck region as wing membrane near the tip of the left wing and the inner part of the wing, along the right tibia, and integument between the left pedal digits.