Genus: Dendrorhynchoides JI, JI & PADIAN, 1999
Etymology: Greek, dendron, "tree," + Rhamphorhynchus, + Greek, oides, "like, like form"; in reference to this specimens similarity to Rhamphornhynchus.
= Dendrorhynchus JI, & JI, 1998 non YIN & ZENG, 1995
Etymology: Greek, dendron, "tree," + Rhamphorhynchus: In reference to the similarity of this genus to Rhamphorhynchus.

Species: curvidentatus (JI & JI, 1998) JI, JI & PADIAN, 1999
Etymology: Greek, curvus, "curve" and Latin, dentis, "tooth."
= Dendrorhynchus curvidentatus JI & JI, 1998

Holotype: GMV2128

Locality: Lujiatun site, Shangyuan, Beipiao City, Western Liaoning Province, northeastern China.

Horizon: Jiangshangou Member, Yixian Formation, Jehol Group.


Age: Barremain Stage, Lower Gallic Subepoch, Lower Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Fragmentary skull and nearly complete skeleton.

Referred material:

HONE & LU, 2010

GLGMV 0002: Fragmentary skeleton.