Genus: Dermodactylus MARSH, 1881 (nomen dubium)
Etymology: Greek, derma, "skin" and Greek, daktylos, "finger"; in reference to the skin that formed the wing in pterosaurs.
= Dermadactylus BROWN, 1943 (sic)

Species: montanus (MARSH, 1878) MARSH, 1881
Etymology: In reference to Montana, the state where the specimen is from.
= Pterodactylus montanus MARSH, 1878 (nomen dubium)

Holotype: YPM 2020

Locality: Reed’s YPM Quarry 5, T22N, R77W, Sec. 17, Como Bluff, Carbon County, Wyoming.

Horizon: Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Zone 3.

Age: Upper Part, Comobluffian age, Kimmeridgian Stage, uppermost Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Right fourth metacarpals IV.