Genus: Eurazhdarcho VREMIR, KELLNER, NAISH & DYKE, 2013
Etymology: Combination of Europe and Azhdarcho (which comes from the Uzbek word azhdarkho, the name of the dragon in Uzbek mythology and employed here to indicate European occurrence and close similarity with the Central Asiatic genus, Azhdarcho.
= Genus: Nova VREMIR, KELLNER, NAISH & DYKE, 2012

Species: langendorfensis VREMIR, KELLNER, NAISH & DYKE, 2013
Etymology: Derived from Langendorf, the ancient Transylvanian-German name of Lancram village, the type locality.

Holotype: EME VP 312

Locality: Lancram (Langendorf) near Sebes, Alba District, Transylvanian Basin, Romania.

Horizon: Sebes Formation.


Age: Early Maasrichtian Stage, Upper Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Partially articulated series of vertebrae and associated forelimb bones;Three anterior cervical vertebrae, a right wing metacarpal IV, an incomplete right metacarpal III, the proximal half of the frist right wing phalanx, part of the distal diaphysis of the second smaller wing phalanx, a distal manual phalanx and several other fragmentary bones.