Genus: Faxinalipterus BONAPARTE, SCHULTZ, & SOARES, 2010
Etymology: Faxinal, after the city of Faxinal de Soturno, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, near which is the fossil locality, and Greek, pterus, "wing."

Species: minima BONAPARTE, SCHULTZ, & SOARES, 2010
Etymology: Latin, minima, "small," after the small size of the holotype.

Holotype: UFRGS PV0927T:

Locality: Old quarry located 1.5 km NE of teh city of Faxinal do Soturno, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Horizon: Lower section of the Caturrita Formation.


Age: Early Coloradian, Carnian/Norian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Left coracoid lacking the sternal end, a proximal portion of the left humerus, a medial and distal fragment of the right humerus?; proximal fragments of left radius and ulna; an almost complete left femur; almost compete left tibia and fibula; fragments of right tibia and fibula associated with a possible metatarsal, and a few indeterminate fragments.

Referred material:

UFRGS PV0769T: Most of a left maxilla with three teeth.