Genus: Gallodactylus FABRE, 1974
Etymology: Latin, Gallus, in reference to ancient inhabitants of France, the Gaul, and Greek, daktylos, "finger."

Species: canjuersensis (FABRE, 1974) BENNETT, 1996
Etymology: In reference to Canjuers, Var Department, France; where the specimen was found.
= Gallodactylus canjuersensis FABRE, 1974
= Cycnorhamphus canjeurensis UNWIN, 2003 (sic)

Holotype: CNJ 71a Plate, CNJ 71b counter plate.

Locality: Les Bessons, Petit Plan de Canjuers, Commune d’Airguines, Var Department, France.

Horizon: Portlandien.


Age: Berriasian Stage, Lower Neocomian Subepoch, Lower Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Skull lacking anterior tip, dentary, dorsal vertebrae centrum, pelvis, sacrum, left humerus, ribs, scapula, metacarpal 4 phalanges, femur, tibia-tarsus and metatarsal.