Genus: Lonchodectes HOOLEY, 1914
Etymology: Greek, logkhos, “lance” and Greek, dektes, “fighter.”

Species compressirostris (OWEN, 1851) HOOLEY, 1914
Etymology: Latin, compressissimus, “narrow, constricted” and Greek, rostris, “snout”; Narrow snout.
Compressed bill.
= Pterodactylus compressirostris OWEN, 1851
= Ornithocheirus compressirostris (OWEN, 1851) SEELEY, 1870 (type species assigned by KHOZATSKIY & YURYEV, 1964)
= Ornithochirus compressirostris (OWEN, 1851) LYDEKKER, 1888 (incorrect spelling)
= Ornithocheirus compressiformis GAAL, 1926 (sic)

Syntype: NHMUK PV (old BMNH) 39410, 39416, 49004, 39411, 49003.

Locality: Turon, Culand Pits, Burham, (TQ 738617), Kent County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Lower Chalk.


Age: Cenomanian Stage, Upper Gallic Subepoch, Lower Gulf Epoch, Middle-Late Cretaceous.

Material: 2 portions of the jaws (one upper and one lower),  radius, ulna and wing phalanges.

CAMSM B54.584: Left; Right lateral view; Right, ventral view. After Unwin, 2001.

Referred material:

MAIDM unnumbered.

WOODS, 1891

Woodwardian Museum.

Locality: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Cambridge Greensand.


Age: Early Cretaceous.

Material: Distal end of an ulna, etc.