Genus: Microtuban ELGIN & FREY, 2011b
Etymology: Greek, micros, "small" and Arabic, tuban, "basilisk, dragon," a star in the constellation Draco.

Species: altivolans ELGIN & FREY, 2011b
Etymology: Latin, altivolans, "soaring/high flyer."

Holotype: SMNK PAL 6595

Locality: ?Hjoula (= Hadjoula), town and region 35 km NNE of Beirut, Lebanon.

Horizon: Sannine Formation.


Age: Early Cenomanian Stage, Gallic Subepoch, Lowermost Gulf Epoch, Middle Cretaceous.

Material: Fragmentary skeleton.

Note: Paleopathologic wing phalange 4?