Genus: Ningchengopterus LU, 2009
Etymology: In reference to Ningcheng of Inner Mongolia, where the holotype was found, and Greek, -pterus, "wing"; the suffix of pterosaur: the generic name implies that the new pterosaur is found from Ningcheng of Inner Mongolia.

Species: liuae LU, 2009
Etymology: In honor of Ms. Liu Jingyi, who collected this beautiful specimen and offered it for the scientific study.

Holotype: CYGB-0035

Locality: Liutiaogou Village, Dashuangmiao Town, Nicheng County, Inner Mongolia, China.

Horizon: Yixian Formation.


Age: Early Cretaceous.

Material: Skull and nearly complete skeleton.

Note: Fur-like integument around teh skull, neck, front and hind limb, also wing membranes are preserved.