Genus: Nova RODRIGUES & KELLNER, 2013

Species: platystomus (SEELEY, 1869) UNWIN, 2001
Etymology: Greek, platys, “broad”, and Greek, -stomus, “mouth.”
= Ptenodactylus platystomus SEELEY, 1869
= Amblydectes platystomus (SEELEY, 1869)
= Ornithocheirus platystomus (SEELEY, 1869)
= Ornithochirus platystomus (SEELEY, 1869)

Holotype: CAMSM B54835 (old Woodwardian Museum.)

Locality: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Upper Cambridge Greensand.


Age: Albian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Middle Cretaceous.

Material: Fragment of premaxilla.

Referred material:

UNWIN, 2001

YORM 1983/113F: Anterior end of a rostrum. Left; Left lateral view; Right; ventral view.