Genus: Pterorhynchus CZERKAS & JI, 2002
Etymology: Greek, ptero, ‘wing, flight’, and Greek, rhynchus, ‘snout’: Winged-head or Winged snout.

Species: wellnhoferi CZERKAS & JI, 2002
Etymology: In honor of Peter Wellnhofer for his work on pterosaurs.

Holotype: CAGS02-IG-gausa-D/DM 608 (part and counterpart)

Locality: Daofugou Village, Chefeng County, eastern Inner Mongolia, China.

Horizon: Haifangou Formation.


Age: Possibly from the Middle to Late Jurassic.

Material: Nearly complete specimen, skull with crest (striped color pattern), skeleton, wing membrains with aktinofibrils, and multi-filamentous integumentary structures are also preserved in both slabs (proto-feathers?).