Genus: Saraikisaurus MALKANI, 2021
Etymology: In honor of the Saraiki peole and language, and Greek, saurus, "lizard."

Species: minhui MALKANI, 2021
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Min Huh of Korea Dinosaur Research Centre and Chonnam National University, Gwanju, South Korea of his kind support t the visit of MEsozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems of South Korea.

Holotype: GSP/MSM-157-16

Locality: Top Kinwa 16 locailty, Barkhan District, Balochistan, Sulaiman or Middle Indus Basin, Central Pakistan.

Horizon: Vitakri Formation, Fort Munro Group.


Age: Uppermost Maastrichtian Stage, latest Senonian Subepoch, Latest Gulf Epoch, Latest Cretaceous.

Material: Dentary ramus.