Genus: Sordes SHAROV, 1971
Etymology: Bakhurina & Unwin (1995) point out that literally interpreted, the Latin word Sordes means filthy or sordid, while Sharov (1971) translated Sordes as “nechist”, which means devil or evil spirit. Though Sordes pilosus translates as “filthy hair”, Sharov clearly intended it to mean ‘hairy devil’.
  = Sordus Bakker, 1975 (sic)

Species: pilosus SHAROV, 1971
Etymology: Latin, pliosus, “hair”; Hairy devil.

Holotype: PIN NR 2585/3

Locality: Aulie, near Mikhailovka, in the Chayan area, Karatau ridge in the Chimkent district of southern Kazakhstan.

Horizon: Intermontae lake, Karabastauian suite, Karabastau Formation.


Age: Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian Stage, Lower-Middle Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Skull and skeleton, with impression of wing membrane and hair like scales.

Reconstruction of the skull.


Referred material:

PIN 104/73, 2470/1, 2585/3, 2585/25, 2585/36, 2585/37: 9 individuals, 3 semi-complete.

One specimen might have come from Chokhai, west of Mikhailovka village, in the Katchkar-Ata river valley (BAKHURINA & UNWIN, 1995)