Genus: Tacuadactylus SOTO, MONTENEGRO, TORINO, MESA & PEREA, 2021
Etymology: In reference to Tacuarembo, the formation and department which yielded the fossil and Latin, dactylus, "finger."
= Gnathosaurinae incertae sedis PEREA, SOTO, TORINO, MESA & MAISEY, 2018

Species: luciae SOTO, MONTENEGRO, TORINO, MESA & PEREA, 2021
Etymology: In honor of Lucia, the beloved daughter of the first author, who made the first reconstruction of the specimen.

Holotype: FC-DPV 2869 (lot)

Locality: Batovi Quarry, close to Batovi Hill, and Bidegain Quarry, Tacuarembo ity, Tacuarembo Department, Uruguay.

Horizon: Batovi Member, Tacuarembo Formation.


Age: Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous.

Material: Fragment from anterior part of maxillopremaxillary rostrum with 18 alveoli, including root of on tooth, plus a sandstone mold comprising teh correspondin rostral spatula and a silicone case of the mold.


FC-DPV 3415: Associated dentary fragment.

FC-DPV 3416: 2 isolated teeth.