Genus: Eobaphetes MOODIE, 1916
Etymology: Greek, eo, "dawn, early" + Baphetes.
= Erpetosaurus MOODIE, 1911 non COPE, 1874

Species: kansensis (MOODIE, 1911) MOODIE, 1916
= Erpetosaurus kansensis MOODIE 1911
= Erpetosuchus kansensis MOODIE 1911

Holotype: USNM 6699

Locality: Baldwin Coal, Washington County, Arkansas.

Horizon: Woolsey Member, Bloyd Formation.


Age: Morrow Series, Early Pennsylvanian.

Material: Fragmentary skull and lower jaw.

Referred material:

USNM 6680: A left jaw ramus and another skull specimen.

USNM unregistered: Left suspensorial region in dorsal view in continuity with holotype, with part natural moulds of both jaw rami.