Genus: Eucritta CLACK, 1998
Etymology: Greek, eu, “true”; American vernacular, critta, “creature”: True creature.

Species: melanolimnetes CLACK, 1998
Etymology: Greek, melano, “black” and Greek, limnetes, "living in a pool or marsh": From the black lagoon (in reference to the locality of East Kirkton): Black lagoon.

Holotype: University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge, UMZC T1347a and b

Locality: East Kirkton Quarry, Bathgate, west Lothian Province, Scotland, northern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Unit 82, East Kirkton Limestone, West Lothian Oil-Shale Formation.


Age: Visean Epoch, Middle Dinantian Series, Late Carboniferous (Middle Mississippian).

Material: An almost complete articulated individual.

Referred material:

UMZC T1 and b, UMZC T1285a and b, National Museum of Scotland, NMS 1992.14 part and counterpart: Fragmentary specimens.

CLACK, 2001

UMZC T1348a, b: Fragmentary skull.