Genus: Madygenerpeton SCHOCH, VOIGT & BUCHWITZ, 2010

Species: pustulatus SCHOCH, VOIGT & BUCHWITZ, 2010

Holotype: FG 596/V/4

Locality: South-west Madygen outcrop area, Urochishsche Madygen, near Madygen village, Batken District (Oblast), south-west Kyrgystan.

Horizon: 'Upper Grey-coloured Member', Madygen Formation.


Age: Upper Ladinian Stage, Uppermost Mid Triassic Epoch, Late Middle Triassic or Carnian Stage, Lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: A near complete skull.


FG 596/V/5: A series of five articulated fragmentary dorsal osteoderms.

FG 596/V/6: An isolated osteoderm fragment.

BUCHWITZ & VOIGT, 2010 (published in 2011)

FG 596/V/7: A series of 21 dorsal osteoderms.

FG 596/V/8: A series of 3 osteoderms.

FG 596/V/9: A fragmentary osteoderm.

FG 596/V/10-11: 2 anterior-end osteodrms.