Genus: Mauchchunkia HOTTON III, 1970

Species: bassa HOTTON III, 1970

Holotype: NMNH 22573

Locality: Six feet above the bottom of the Bickett Shale, Greer, Monongalia County, West Virginia, in the face of a quarry operated by the Greer Limestone Company, about 0.5 miles north of West Virginia Highway 7.

Horizon: Bluefield Formation, Mauch Chunk Group.


Age: Late Mississippian.

Material: Nearly complete skull.

Referred specimens.

NMNH 26368: Left and right humeri, minus heads, left and right radii, left ulna, four metapodials and four phalanges more closely associated with left limb elements than with right, one metapodial associated with right limb.

NMNH 26369: Fragments of three neural arches and right ilium and pubis, and proximal ends of left and right femora.