Genus: Krebsophis RAGE & WERNER, 1999
Etymology: Named in honor of Prof. Dr. Bernard Krebs, Free University, Berlin.

Species: thobanus RAGE & WERNER, 1999
Etymology: From Al Thoban, an Arabic name for snakes.
= Russellophiidae gen sp indet WERNER & RAGE, 1994

Holotype: Vb-681

Locality: 200 km northwest of Khartoum, Wadi Abu Hashim, Sudan.

Horizon: Wadi Abu Hashim Member, Wadi Milk Formation.


Age: Cenomanian Stage, Upper Gallic subepoch, Lowest Gulf Epoch, Late Early to Early Middle Cretaceous.

Material: 1 mid-trunk vertebra.

Referred material:

Vb-682-687: 6 trunk vertebrae.