Genus: Eupodophis RAGE & ESCUILLIE, 2002
Etymology: Greek. eu, "true," Greek, podo, podus, "foot" and Greek, ophis, "serpent"
= Podophis RAGE & ESCUILLIE, 2000 non Wiegmann, 1843 (Podophis no species name given, Squamata, Scincidae)
Etymology: Greek, podo, podus, "foot" and Greek, ophis, "serpent"; a commonly used suffix for snake taxon names; Foot serpent.

Species: descouensi (RAGE & ESCUILLIE, 2000) RAGE & ESCUILLIE, 2002
= Podophis descouensi RAGE & ESCUILLIE, 2000
Etymology: In honor of Doctor Didier Descouens for his contribution to paleontology.

Holotype: WEC-C-L-N-0030A, B part and counterpart (old Rh-E.F 9001, 9002, 9003)

Locality: Al Nammoura, Lebanon.



Age: Middle Cenomanian Stage, Upper Gallic subepoch, Lowest Gulf Epoch, Late Early to Early Middle Cretaceous.

Material: A nearly complete specimen with hind legs.