Genus: Wadanaang MALKANI, 2021
Etymology: Saraiki language, wada, "big" and Saraiki, naang, "snake."

Species: kohsulaimani MALKANI, 2021
Etymology: Balochi language, koh, "mountain" and in honor of the host Koh Sulaiman mountain g Ragen and Sulaiman basin.

Holotype: GSP/MSM-1102-19, GSP/MSM-1103-19, GSP/MSM-1104-19, GSP/MSM-1105-19, GSP/MSM-1106-19, GSP/MSM-1107-19: Teeth (each tooth articualted with partial dentary), GSP/MSM-1108-10: Vertebra.

Locality: Alam 19 type locality, Barkhan District, Balochistan, Sulaiman or Middle Indus Basin, Central Pakistan.

Horizon: Vitakri Formation, Fort Munro Group.


Age: Uppermost Maastrichtian Stage, latest Senonian Subepoch, Latest Gulf Epoch, Latest Cretaceous.