Genus: Paleollanosaurus HECKERT, 2004
Etymology : Greek, paleo, 'old', Spanish, llano, 'plains', from the Llano Estacadu, the dominat geographic feature of the area, and Greek, sauros, 'lizard', thus the "old Plains lizard", a reference to both the present geomorphology (the Lalano Estacado) and the ancient floodplain on which the animal lived.
= Llanosaurus HECKERT, 2002 (nomen nudum)

Species: fraseri HECKERT, 2004
Etymology: In honor of Nicholas Fraser, for his extensive efforts describing Upper Triassic sphenodonts.
= Llanosaurus fraseri HECKERT, 2002 (nomen nudum)

Holotype: NMMNH P-34395

Locality: NMMNH locality 1312, Crosby County, Texas.

Horizon: Lower Chinle Group, Lowermost Tecovas Formation.


Age: Upper Carnian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Jaw fragment with 10 teeth.