Genus: Planocephalosaurus FRASER, 1982

Species: robinsonae FRASER, 1982

Holotype: University of Aberdeen Palaeontology Collection, No. 11061

Locality: Slickstones (Cromhall) Quarry, (ST 704916), Avon County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Karstic fissures in Dinatian limestone.


Age: Carnian/Norian Stage, Upper Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Left maxilla.

Referred material:

AUP No. 11062, 11066: Left dentaries.

AUP No. 11063: Maxilla.

AUP No. 11064: Prefrontal.

AUP No. 11065: Right premaxilla.

AUP No. 11067: Left postorbital.

AUP No. 11068: Frontal.

AUP No. 11069: Right jugal.

AUP No. 11070: Parietal.

AUP No. 11071: Right quadrate.

AUP No. 11072: Right nasal.

AUP No. 11073: Right postfrontal.

AUP No. 11074: Right ectopterygoid.

AUP No. 11075: Epipterygoid.

AUP No. 11076: Parabasisphenoid.

AUP No. 11077: Basioccipital.

AUP No. 11078: Left palatine.

AUP No. 11079: Left squamosal.

AUP No. 11980: Left pterygoid.

AUP No. 11081: Squamosal.

AUP No. 11093: Maxilla, and atlas/axis.

AUP No. 11094: Cervical vertebra.

AUP No. 11096: Posterior dorsal vertebra.

AUP No. 11097: 1st sacral vertebra.

AUP No. 11098, 11099: 2nd sacral vertebrae.

AUP No. 11100: Anterior caudal vertebra.

AUP No. 11101: Mid-caudal vertebra.

AUP No. 11102: Dorsal intercentrum.

AUP No. 11103: Posterior chevron.

AUP No. 11104: Chevron bone.

AUP No. 11105: Anterior cervical rib.

AUP No. 11106: Cervical rib.

AUP No. 11107: Anterior dorsal rib.

AUP No. 11108: Interclavical.

AUP No. 11109: Right clavicle.

AUP No. 11110, 11111: Right scapulocoracoids.

AUP No. 11112, 11113: Humeri.

AUP No. 11114: Proximal head of an ulna.

AUP No. 11115: Left ischium.

AUP No. 11116: Left ilium.

AUP No. 11117: Left pubis.

AUP No. 11118: Femur.

AUP No. 11119: Tibia.

AUP No. 11120: Astragalocalcaneum.

AUP No. 11121: Tarsometatarsal.

AUP No. 11122: Ungual phalange.

AUP No. 11123, 11137: Atlas/axis.

AUP No. 11124: Anterior caudal vertebra.

AUP No. 11125: Mid-caudal vertebrae.

AUP No. 11126: Caudal vertebra.

AUP No. 11127: Cervical rib.

AUP No. 11129: 2 tibias.

AUP No. 11130: Phalanges.

AUP No. 11131: Ungual phalanges.

AUP No. 11132: Right ilium.

AUP No. 11136: Atlas neural arch.

AUP No. 11138: Cervical vertebra.

AUP No. 11139: Mid-dorsal vertebra.

AUP No. 11359: Maxilla.


Locality: Tytherington Quarry (ST 660 890), 16 km north of Bristol, (ST 660890), Avon County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Fissure Fill 1.


Age: Carnian/Norian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.


BRSUG 23755: Part of right maxilla.

BRSUG 23891: Right premaxilla of a juvenile.

BRSUG 23894: Part of right mazilla.

BRSUG 23895: Left dentary.



Species: lucasi HECKERT, 2002 (nomen nudum)


Locality: New Mexico.

Horizon: Lower Chinle Group.


Age: Carnian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.