Genus: Tingitana EVANS & SIGOGNEAU-RUSSELL, 1997
Etymology: From Mauretania tingitana, the Roman name for this part of North Africa.

Species: anoualae EVANS & SIGOGNEAU-RUSSELL, 1997
Etymology: From Anoual, Morocco, the type locality.

Holotype: MCM120

Locality: Anoual microvertebrate locality, about 100 km east of the city of Anoual an dnear a fort called Ksar Met Lili, Talsinnt Province, eastern High Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

Horizon: Morocco B sequence of the ‘couches rouges’.

Biostratigraphy: Unnamed non-marine limestone lens.

Age: Probably Berriasian Stage, Lower Neocomian Subepoch, Lowermost Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: A juvenile left dentary.


MCM123: A partial juvenile left maxilla.