Genus: Zapatadon REYNOSO & CLARK, 1998
Etymology: In memory of Emiliano Zapata, defender of the campesinos, and Greek, odontos, "tooth"; in allusion to other sphenodontian taxa with this root.

Species: ejidoensis REYNOSO & CLARK, 1998
Etymology: In gratitude to the people of the Ejido el Huizachale, who allowed us to work and live among them for many years. Ejidos are communal land areas in rural Mexico established during the land reforms initiated by President Lazaro Cardenas in 1934.

Holotype: IGM 3497

Locality: Tierra Buena, western part of Huizachal Canyon, Municipio de Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas State, Mexico.

Horizon: La Boca Formation.


Age: Early-Mid Jurassic.

Material: Crushed skull with part of the skull table roofing bones missing.